Why Us

Winning Combination

Why Partner With Us

Eneri Platforms is changing the way farmers work with its innovative approach to all farming operations and extension services. Our out-grower program provides the following benefits


Exceptional Financial Returns

Our project employs a shared cost-benefit model which ensures that all cost contributions accrued by the farmers translate into corresponding monetary benefits.

For example, a Eucalyptus tree farmer investing in 1 hectare of land at a cost contribution of 50% (approximately ZMW 33,500), has a projected total income of K408,734.00 over the 12- 15-year plantation cycle.

This projection is based on 2021 tree market prices and is therefore conservative, with financial returns likely to exceed the above.


Guaranteed Market

Farmers participating in the project are guaranteed a market at the prevailing market prices when harvesting. Farmers are therefore assured that trees grown on their land will be bought once they reach maturity, greatly de-risking the venture for tree farming enthusiasts.


Direct Job Creation

Forest plantations establishment and management is fairly labor intensive. Throughout plantation cycles, various establishment activities are undertaken that provide seasonal jobs to locals. Each hectare of forest plantations produces an average of 23 jobs per year.


Green Economic Objectives

By prioritizing degraded lands and open fields, the Tree Growers Project will promote conservation agriculture techniques for all lands under management. These techniques offer in-built climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions.


Farmer Extension Services

Alongside tree farming training, our program incorporates a curriculum on community-based nutrition. This curriculum aims to address the linkage between increased household incomes and household food security.

Further, our land management module allows farmers to gain key insights on their operations and greatly improves their crop farming activities.

Other farmer benefits include utilization of the platform to access credit, savings and other financial instruments.