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Sign up under our tree out-grower program by downloading and filling in the sign-up form. Email your completed sign-up form to info@eneriplatforms.com and we will be in touch within five working days. Alternatively, you may sign up by completing the online form below.


Site Suitability Assessments

A Site Suitability Assessment will be conducted to determine the suitability of the land for tree farming. Where an assessment indicates that soil is nutrient deficient, expert advice will be provided to the farmer to allow corrective action that would enable participation in the program.



After successful completion of the Site Suitability Assessment, we then progress to the signing of contracts. Eneri Platforms employs a Shared Cost-Benefit model which allows farmers to contribute to the establishment and management costs of the forest plantations and benefit in accordance to their cost contribution.

Simply put, if you contribute 50% of the cost, you will receive 50% of the profits from the harvested trees!



Successfully onboarded farmers will then undergo best practice tree planting and management training. Farmers will be provided with all the necessary training materials and field extension support will be made available throughout the plantation lifecycle.