Our Story

Eneri Platforms Limited is pioneering private sector participation in developing commercial forest plantations in Zambia. Phase 1 of the tree out-grower program aims to establish 3,210 hectares of exotic pine, eucalyptus and suitable indigenous tree species by 2024, and integrate over 2000 farmers into our value chains. We do this by providing key inputs and training required to successfully establish and manage forest plantations. We project our plantation area to increase to 10,000 hectares by 2027 under our Phase 2 operation.

We understand that tree planting is a long-term investment. Therefore, to incentivize farmers to participate in this initiative, our out-grower program incorporates an optional beekeeping model that provides farmers a more immediate source of income before returns from forest plantations are actualized.

Target Locations

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Focused on community and forestry

Our Mission

"To accelerate the planting rate of useful indigenous and exotic tree species, and maximize the value of wood and non-wood forest products, while encouraging co-ownership for increased localized benefits in the surrounding communities."